Tipology:Community & Education
Local economic influence
Retreat: Eden Lodge
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Every year, the villagers and ourselves determine a priority that we finance. We were able to finance and revive the school of a nearby village. Building a second school in our village of Anjanojano is about to be completed. The village well also was recently launched.

Other projects are foreseen : a solar panel for lighting, etc. Regular supplies arriving by boat greatly helps villagers who were otherwise totally isolated before. Recruitment of staff members among the local population contributes to social wellbeing and balance.

Artisanal development

- We buy fish produce from local villagers and contribute to rearing goats and poultry.

- We organize visits to neighbouring villages thus encouraging the development of artisanal and tourism linked activities.

We will also develop a collection of school supplies in France so our customers can take us on arrival at the lodge, notebooks, pencils, slates, small non-school books, which are the event and fun for students. If you are interested, email us, we will provide material lists where you will choose your participation.