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Flora & Fauna
Retreat: Eden Lodge
Madagascar > Nosy Be Archipelago

Preserving the beauty of the site and its fauna is one of our primary objectives. We especially protect lemur colonies that are endangered today by their illegal capture and deforestation, and marine turtles which often come on our beach to deliver their eggs.

Likewise, near the lodge, we struggle against scuba hunting which threatens coral species as well as against all motorized water sports. In order to preserve the beautiful diversity of the coral reefs around the lodge these are regularly inspected by a marine biology specialist.

We know our site is unique. Our five hundred year old baobab trees planted on a dream-like beach are nowhere to be found on the Nosy Be archipelago or even Madagascar.

Protecting these majestic trees, symbol of Madagascar, by cherishing them in our gardens is one of our objectives. We have already been able to save two baobab trees that were slowly dying as a result of local customs, unfortunately as ancestral as inappropriate.