Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Retreat: Campi ya Kanzi
Kenya > Chyulu Hills

Campi ya Kanzi believes in having a self-conduct code. We believe true ecotourism needs to address each of the following points:

- Real involvement of local communities: Conservation in the 21st century should consider people, so the first point for ecotourism should be how a tourist facility relates to the local communities. Campi ya Kanzi is a community lodge, in community land, employing locally, paying tourism revenues locally, supporting a community Trust.

- Carbon footprint on electricity usage, hot water, cooking: We use only renewable energies.

- Environmental footprint on water usage: Campi ya Kanzi fulfills all its water needs by cropping the rains and storing water in special PVC bladders.

- Environmental footprint in recycling wastes: we recycle all of the recyclable wastes; wastes are separated and recycled were feasible. The un-recyclable wastes are incinerated in a specially built incinerator.

- Environmental footprint of supplies: sometimes buying locally it is implied as a good environmental practice. It depends on the circumstances. We buy from Nairobi suppliers in bulk, using the best of our knowledge to support those suppliers who care about the environment.