Tipology:Eco Sustainable Tourism
Environmental protection
Retreat: Hacienda de San Antonio
Mexico > Colima

The Hacienda de San Antonio and its Ranch “El Jabali” carry out various practices and involve in local initiatives to protect the environment by:

  • Encouraging self-sustaining systems using local and renewable resources and diminishing or eliminating the use of non-renewable resources.
  • Encouraging and innovating sustainable practices in our organic agriculture, horticulture, orchards and coffee plantation.
  • Encouraging and innovating sustainable practices of free range livestock, chickens, pigs, goats.
  • Encouraging appropriate and sustainable use of the local environment and with the local government have protected the local wildlife through programs and the banning of hunting.
  • Preserving the local watershed and the natural fresh water springs utilizing the water supply from our local spring. Our fresh water system is supplied by a gravity-fed system with no electrical pumps, and with the use of an aqueduct dating back to 1904.
  • The incorporation of architectural design utilizing high ceilings, cross-ventilation, and floor fans for cooling the suites in the summer and chimneys in the winter. And not using any mechanical systems such as air conditioning.