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Amanyara's Turtle Initiative
Retreat: Amanyara
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Amanyara’s Nature Discovery Centre has launched the Amanyara Turtle Initiative, with the funding, capture, satellite tagging and release of Taino, a sub-adult green turtle. The work is part of the Turks and Caicos Islands Turtle Project, a collaborative initiative involving the Turks and Caicos Islands Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources, the University of Exeter and coordinated by the Marine Conservation Society. The satellite tag will provide information never before attained about the migrations of these turtles. In previous years, the Turtle Project focused on tagging adult turtles, but this year’s project involves 3 sub-adult green turtles, Taino being one of them, and is the first study of its kind in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This project, combined with future plans to offer Amanyara guests turtle tagging field trips and workshops with expert turtle scientists, and possible adoption of hatchling turtles for the Nature Discovery Centre, is part of a new environmental stewardship program at the resort.