Tipology:Community & Education
Retreat: Arosea
Italy > Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

A project which is close to our heard is the sport event “Höfelauf”, where famous athletes but also amateurs run from farm to farm in the valley Val d’Ultimo. That is where we are situated and so we are supporting a sport event in our environment which calls each year a lot of attention to the deep tradition, the old rural architecture and the great nature in this valley which has to be protected. It is important that the old trades that are still part of the everyday life in Val d’Ultimo and the huge knowledge of the inhabitants about nature, herbs and their effects will be passed on. Therefore people have to know about this traditional culture. The “Höfelauf” piques the interest of the media in order to show these special attributes of Val d’Ultimo and to protect them.