Tipology:Culture & Heritage
The Simulated Fox Hunt
Retreat: La Casella
Italy > Ficulle

During the winter months at La Casella the main event is the “Caccia alla Volpe” or the “Fox Hunt”. But animal lovers can relax; there is no real fox involved. The simulated fox hunt has all the elements of a hunt, but with an expert rider in the role of “fox” with a tail attached to his jacket. The Riders gather at 10am for breakfast (and grappa!) in the piazza of the hotel and are reminded of the rules. The Master of the hunt, unmissable in his red jacket, has been doing the hunt for 20 years and knows all the routes for an exhilarating ride! After a short break for an aperitivo, always with the fox in sight, the grand chase at the end takes place in front of La Casella. The rider who is canny enough to grab the tail wins! A fantastic experience for all.