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The Brunton Boatyard - Cochin
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To touch the soul of any destination, you need to go back in time, to relive its rich history and vibrant culture. Which is why when you step into Brunton Boatyard in Fort Cochin, it’s like stepping into the distillery of history. The hotel imbibes the many influences that have made Fort Cochin what it is today and takes you back in time to the eventful past of the centuries old boatyard of Geo Brunton and Sons. Here, people who kept coming from time immemorial left their legacy and diverse cultures of the world united to create an enchanting harmony. Everything leads you to the ancient glory, from the enormous Indo-Portuguese punkahs in the lobby to the ancient anchor in the green courtyard. Every little detail here has a story to tell.

Retreat Projects


The roof water is directed into percolating wells which is stored in the ground. The sweet rain water pushes away the subterranean saline brackish water due to the differences in gravity, so that unlimited quantity of sweet water is stored in the ground. A Sewage Treatment Plant and oil separators remove and treat contaminants in wastewater from the toilets, so that purified water can be used for gardening. Solar Panels are used for running hot water supply in the rooms.

Eco-friendly practices

Other eco practices include the use of recycled paper for laundry bags, gift bags and newspaper covers printing. Wooden pens are supplied in the hotel rooms, together with jute Chappals (handmade sandals). In the restaurant area bamboo and wooden utensils and salvers are provided.


Moored on a historic stretch of Cochin's famed harbor, the Brunton Boatyard Hotel was resurrected from the remains of a Victorian shipyard. Today, it gives the modern traveler a unique opportunity to dwell amidst the shadow plays of 19th century history.