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Coconut Lagoon - Kumarakom
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- Walking/Trekking - Boat Excursion - Swimming Pool - Spa
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50 Rooms | Children: yes

Water and history are the defining elements at Coconut Lagoon, in Kumarakom, where we celebrate the simple joys of life. Here, on the shores of a never-ending lake, stands a tile and timber mansion, a typical traditional Kerala “tharavad”, painstakingly transplanted and restored. As an architectural marvel, this homestead exudes the charm of the Kerala life of yore, transporting one back in time to a world of peace and contentment. This hotel is another affirmation of our belief that holiday environments are catalysts that can ensure the preservation of the earth and her reserves. Which is why you’ll find the endangered Vechoor cows grazing our endless lawns.

Retreat Projects


Cottages have a unique architectural concept, and each has its own tale. A cluster of 100 to 150 year old “tharavad” houses were dismantled from various locations and reassembled at Coconut Lagoon in accordance with “thachusastra”, the ancient rules of carpentry, so that a traditional ambience has been recreated. Only natural and local materials for flooring and roofing, avoiding concrete structures, have been used. Lime wash has been used to paint the walls.


Kumarakom was once one of the finest mangrove forest areas in Kerala. After the development of tourism many mangrove forests felled, which badly affected the breeding of many native species of fish and other aquatic creatures. Mangrove saplings have been planted along the waterside to bring back the fast disappearing mangroves, and to bring awareness of the mangroves to the community.

Reverse Osmosis

The entire water supply for the resort is met by a Reverse Osmosis plant. The water for the reverse osmosis is collected from the lake and from rain-water harvesting pond. Filtration is done via the sand filter, carbon-filter, ultra-filter and reverse osmosis. RO water is supplied to the guests shower and wash basin. The entire water supply for cooking and drinking is provided by RO water.