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The Marari Beach - Maraikulam
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Retreat Setting
Seaside Resorts & Private Islands
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- Walking/Trekking - Swimming Pool - Spa
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62 Rooms | Children: yes

The Marari Beach offers an endless vista of sand and surf, but it is more: an authentic experience of Kerala’s traditional fishing villages and a recreation of an ancient, harmonious way of life. Marari Beach sprawls across 55 acres of lawns, lotus ponds and coconut groves, all threaded through with stone pathways. A windbreak of palms cushions sea winds, and beyond is a milk-and-azure ocean and a beach more ochre than yellow. The accommodation in cottages is a fine balance between traditional form and modern function. If you favor a private luxury vacation, you can choose a Pool Villa cottage, which have a secluded walled courtyard with a private pool.

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Cottages are modeled on the fishermen dwellings of Mararikulam: the roof is Palm thatch, with an added base that keeps the air-conditioning in and the insects out. Bathrooms feature an open-roofed style and modern fixtures following the traditional Kerala style. The little taps placed outside the cottages are used by the fishermen to wash the sand off their feet. Barefoot is a great way to live Marari Beach, even indoors.

Going Organic

Fruits and vegetables are grown from the organic garden, and the day’s catch is served fresh, practically straight off the fishing boats. Water harvesting is practiced at Marari Beach, as well as vermiculture is used for keeping the soil fertile. Being a chemical-free zone, only natural oils and local remedies are used for pest control. Guests can participate to our activities helping pick seasonal fruit or even planting trees.

Yoga & Ayurveda

There is a fully equipped Ayurvedic centre whereby one can benefit from this ancient system of medicine. Ayurveda historical evidence has been found in the ancient books of Vedas, which were written 6,000 years ago, and mention 60 preparations that can be used to overcome various ailments. We also offer regular Yoga classes on the Beach, aimed to regain inner serenity.