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Spice Village - Peryar
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52 Rooms | Children: yes

Set unobtrusively in the Periyar wilderness on the lofty Western Ghats, Spice Village exudes the ethos of this reservoir of nature. Here nature controls the temperature, nature’s song will be the only piped music you hear, nature will be the only television you watch and nature’s fragrance will be the only perfume you want to wear. Spice Village is a natural extension of the rainforests and the rolling plantations, almost as though an integral part of nature’s design. Modelled after the jungle dwellings of the local tribal inhabitants, all the cottages are built with split bamboo and elephant grass.

Retreat Projects

Floral Tour

The village naturalist is actively involved in taking the guests on a botanical tour of the village. The tour highlights the importance of the native plants in the local ecology and culture, as well as the steps taken for an on-site recycling of solid and liquid wastes and sewage treatment which are reused in the village property.


Spice Village is a rediscovery of the tribal settlement way of living. The Mannas and the Paliyans, ancient South India populations, have migrated from Tamil Nadu to the mountain ranges of the Periyar, where they thrive on being free hunter gatherers until the advent of mono crop spice plantation farming. This resulted in transformation to sedentary life style and the expansion of Cardamom and Pepper cultivation.

Local Artist

Harish Vishwakarma is a young local artist who didn’t have the means to practise his art and showcase his talent. Through Spice Village he now has his own studio, working materials and enthusiastic patrons in our guests. Harish completed a course in paper making, sponsored by the Village, and now makes paper with recyclable materials. Guests are able to interact in a ecological paper making workshop.