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Visalam - Chennai
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Retreat Setting
Urban Oasis
Servies & Activities
- Golf - Walking/Trekking - Swimming Pool - Spa
Eco Luxury retreats general information
15 Rooms | Children: yes

Visalam is a 70 year old traditional home in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu. Like the land in which it is located, namely Kanadukathan or “the one who protects the environment”, Visalam today protects Chettinad’s rich culture and tradition, its architecture and music, its cuisine and way of life. Built by a father for his daughter, the home keeps alive the ethos of a rich culture as it existed 70 years ago.

Retreat Projects

Solar Power

The solar heating system at Visalam is efficient and environmentally friendly, with a 4,000 liters of capacity daily. The system consists of a storage tank, internal piping and a solar collector, with 36 monocrystalline silicon solar cells connected in series. When the water gets hot, it can be used throughout the House.

Rain Water

Rain water is collected in six tanks. The water eventually gets absorbed by the underground soil, making the underground water more suitable for agricultural use in the coming years: this system was implemented when it was discovered that the water in Kanadakthan is hard and salty. Water that remains is used for hotel purpose after filtration.

Sewage Treatment

The sewage plant treats 25,000 liters of sewage from bathrooms, restaurant and kitchen daily. The waste water is passed through different filters, disinfected and purified and then re-used for gardening.