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Amantaka - Luang Prabang
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Retreat Setting
Urban Oasis
Servies & Activities
- Walking/Trekking - Boat Excursion - Swimming Pool - Spa
Eco Luxury retreats general information
32 Rooms | Children: yes

Amantaka is a boutique hotel located in the centre of the UNESCO world heritage site of Luang Prabang, and derives its name from the word “aman”, meaning “peace” in Sanskirt, and “taka” (from “tipitaka”), meaning “the teaching of the Buddha” in Theravada scholastic literature. Located just south of Phousi Mountain, the resort rests on a peninsula framed by the mighty Mekong and Khan Rivers. The property is close to the 32 elegant temples of Luang Prabang and the town's many historic sites including the former Royal Palace, a fusion of Beaux-Arts and traditional architecture. The town is surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty including spectacular waterfalls, sheer cliffs and ancient caves. Encircling the edge of the Amantaka’s courtyard are 24 elegant suites: rooms feature high ceilings and exquisite furnishings and are spacious and airy. Pool Suites feature private pools while two special Amantaka Suites have their own relaxation sallas.

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The grateful French-colonial buildings, which now house Amantaka, have a rich history: they were once the old provincial hospital of Luang Prabang. Although no documents have been found regarding the original construction of the building, the first phase of construction was complete during the first decade of the 20th century. In 2005, a new hospital was built on the outskirts of the town and Amanresorts took possession of the site with its 15 buildings, nine of which are protected by UNESCO. Careful restoration work was carried out and additional buildings have been constructed in accordance with UNESCO.


Amantaka offers his guests local cooking classes and bespoke tours of the city’s antique shops, galleries, museums and private collections aiming to increase the value of local culture. The internal library offers a range of reading materials in several languages about local history and traditions. We host a boutique and a art gallery featuring unique handcrafted works from local artists, including textiles from master silk weavers and antiques.