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Six Senses Soneva Kiri - Koh Kood
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Retreat Setting
Seaside Resorts & Private Islands
Servies & Activities
Private Airstrip - Fishing - Mountain Bike - Snorkelling - Walking/Trekking - Motorised Sport - Boat Excursion - Swimming Pool - Scuba Diving - Spa
Eco Luxury retreats general information
42 Rooms | Children: yes

Soneva Kiri is located amidst the lush tropical rainforest on 102 acre of land on the remote but accessible Thai island of Kood, off the south-east coast of the Gulf of Siam. International guests are personally met on arrival at Bangkok’s airport and transferred to the resort’s own airplane for the one-hour flight to the Soneva Kiri airfield. From the air, the beauty of untouched Thailand and Koh Kood, with its white sandy beaches, is immediately evident. Exclusively and luxuriously appointed, Soneva offers intelligent luxury together with an unparalleled reputation for excellence and cutting edge-eco-concepts. The resorts features different kinds of accommodation, like a Beach Villa Suite, a Hill Villa Suite, a Private Beach Reserve and a Eco-Villa.

Retreat Projects

Green House

We’ve completed the building of the “Green House”, a zero-carbon emissions suite prototype that will be a forerunner for our “Zero Emissions” brand. Essentially it’s an experimental showcase villa made from locally sourced materials and built by Thai workforce, to demonstrate that it’s possible to provide a 5 star hotel even in the remotest areas, using only recycled waste products and building techniques that require minimal mechanical energy.


No cement or concrete is the structures; bricks are made of adobe mud, interiors are made of plaster and exteriors of sandstone. Soil and recycled egg crates were used for the roof and water bottles for glass bricks in the shower. Non-toxic contents and treatments were used throughout, and magnetic waves reduced: therefore the building is entirely suitable for guests suffering from allergies or sensitive to magnetic fields.

The Schools

Soven Kiri is directly involved in installation of water filter systems and computer, chairs, tables and books supplying to Anuban Koh Kood, Koh Kood Withayakom School and Ban Klong Jiao School.