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Amanjiwo - Java Island
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Retreat Setting
Hideaway Retreats
Servies & Activities
- Mountain Bike - Walking/Trekking - Swimming Pool - Spa
Eco Luxury retreats general information
36 Rooms | Children: yes

Amanjiwo, which means “peaceful soul”, is located in the rural heartland of Java, surrounded by extraordinary cultural, physical and spiritual beauty. The resort features a main structure – a circular monolith made of Yogya, local limestone – from which two arms extend, centered by a soaring bell-shaped rotunda. The main structure also houses a grand entrance from which some steps lead up to the Rotunda Bar, the stately colonnaded dining room and the terrace, all with incredible views of the Kedu Plain and the sacred temple of Borobudur, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hotel’s main building is framed by 36 suites arrayed in 2 deep crescents rimmed by high limestone walls that are covered by spider lilies and morning glories. All suites have thatched roof pavilions and day beds for outdoor dining and lounging; 15 suites come with private swimming pools.

Retreat Projects

Elephant Art

It all started in Thailand, when two Russian painters, Komar and Melamid, began teaching elephants to paint in order to raise funds for elephant conservation. Asian elephant number were, and is still, dwindling at an alarming rate due to the quick destruction of their natural habitat. Paradoxically, the elephants themselves often play a part: they have been domesticated and employed for nearly 4,000 years in Southeast Asia, amongst other things, to assist in the transportation of felled trees and logs. That’s why Elephant Art can rescue elephants by promoting and distributing the works of elephant artists to raise funds.


Amanjiwo, in conjunction with the Asian Elephant Art Conservation Project, has established the Borobudur Elephant Art Foundation to help and support our Sumatran elephants. The star of the show is Sela, an elephant who has her own open air studio close to the west side of Borobudur: brush in trunk, Sela creates what can only be described as art in its purest form. For a small contribution Amanjiwo’s guests will receive their painting with authentic certification, and raised funds will go into projects that benefit both the elephants and local communities.