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Amanwana - Moyo Island
Tents Rating
Tent rating Tent rating
Retreat Setting
Seaside Resorts & Private Islands
Servies & Activities
- Snorkelling - Motorised Sport - Boat Excursion - Swimming Pool - Scuba Diving - Spa
Eco Luxury retreats general information
20 Rooms | Children: yes

Amanwana is a luxury beach resort located on the island of Moyo, off the coast of Sumbawa, east of Bali, surrounded by tropical trees and a luminous sapphire and turquoise sea. Every tent, 624 sq large, features polished hardwood flooring and soft hues such as creams, beige, wheat and honey. Besides air-conditioning, there’s a sitting area, a writing desk and a large bathroom. Sand paths lead to the beach, the dining room and reception and it’s possible to choose either Ocean Tents or Jungle Tents. You can practice diving and snorkeling, proffering a spectacular array of fascinating sea life: tropical fish, hawksbill and giant turtles, soft red coral, sponges and enormous blue sea stars. The jungle is inhabited by a unique mix of animals, from deer to wild boar to macaque monkeys, from eagles to osprey.

Retreat Projects

Turtle Project

Every year between December and April sea turtles come to lay their eggs on Moyo’s beaches. In the past, the locals villagers used to dig up the eggs and sell them to markets and the neighboring island of Sumbawa. Nowadays Amanwana buys the eggs at a high price from the villagers, and re-bury the eggs on protected shores, monitoring them until natural hatching, 60 days later.

Coral Reef

Amanwana has adopted a new method of reviving coral reef which involves placing an iron frame on the sea bed and charging it with a low voltage current. This attracts the coral to the frame and accelerates the growth while also strengthening it.

The School

Amanwana is raising funds to build a school in Labuan Aji village. Once the school is complete, the children will receive a better education. Amawana’s 2 dive instructors will conduct regular lessons on the importance of protecting the environment, which will educate a new generation on the benefits of conservation.