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Amanbagh - Jaipur
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Amanbagh derives its name from the words aman, meaning peace in Sanskrit, and bagh, meaning garden in Hindi. It lies on the grounds once used by the Maharajah of Alwar as his mobile hunting camps in search of the elusive tigers known to roam the nearby hills. Amanbagh was conceived in the present and humbly pays homage to the traditional architecture and design of India’s golden age. Amanbagh sits in isolation amidst the arid Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan, northern India. Straddling the north-western border of the country, Rajasthan is a cultural and architectural gem with majestic palaces, charming havelis (noblemen’s homes), impregnable forts and stunning temples. Alwar and the surrounding Shekhawati region provide the opportunity to witness and experience a traditional Indian lifestyle. The countryside is interspersed with small rural hamlets, narrow streets, simple dwellings, active markets, and subsistence agriculture. The region is rich in early Hindu history, dating back to the dawn of Hindu civilisation.

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The countryside surrounding Amanbagh reveals the ruins of an ancient empire. A variety of sites are within 30 kilometres of Amanbagh and provide an opportunity to travel through breathtaking scenery year-round. Just 15 kilometres from the resort, the 17th-century Bhangarh is a national heritage site that comprises an entire city of bazaars, palaces, gardens, temples and bathing pools deserted overnight due to a curse. Bhangarh is 15km from Amanbagh and was built in the mid-1600s and is of great archaeological importance. Amanbagh is a contemporary sanctuary paying homage to India’s golden age and the historical landscape of Rajasthan.

Local Employment

At Amanbagh they have over 200 permanent and contractual members of staff. Deliberately, the team is a balance of staff from all over India combined with many people from our local rural villages. Guests will be able to meet some of their families when enjoying our Morning Walks and Cowdust Tours. Our Human Resource and Training Department is a very important key to staff professionalism and well being.

Cultural Tours

Excursions within a 30km radius of Amanbagh include visits to the nearby Ajabgarh Fort and Temple which were built in 1635 AD. Nearby, the Baba Kapoor Shah Mosque was erected in the 17th century in memory of the great Sufi mystic of the same name. Amanbagh organizes a variety of safaris with the unique Malwari horses of Rajasthan stabled on property, local camels as well as our very own pet camel, Babu. Amanbagh also offers many walking trails ranging from easy walks through rural villages to more challenging hikes into the dramatic Aravalli Hills.