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Amanruya - Bodrum
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Amanruya is located in the southeastern Aegean coast of Turkey, on the northern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula in Mandalya Bay. Named after the Sanskrit word for peace, ‘aman’, and the Turkish word for dream, ‘ruya’, the property is surrounded by a Mediterranean pine forest and ancient olive groves. Set on a slope, it offers breathtaking views over the sea and a winding pathway leading to a private pebble beach. An access road weaves its way through the trees before revealing one’s first glimpse of Amanruya and its graceful setting. Inspired by the region’s traditional architecture and building methods, the resort ascends through a series of elevated levels, offering a variety of courtyards and terraces. This creates the intimate and organic ambience of a village while still providing a sense of space and luxury. The resort combines Mediterranean and Ottoman architectural design elements, all the while complementing and respecting the property’s pristine natural surrounds.

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Local Design

An intricate interplay of light and shadow dapples narrow pathways and courtyards – some open, others tucked away for quiet moments. Building materials include local stone for structural walls, dark acajau wood for furniture, windows and door fittings, white Turkish marble for floors and hand-carved stone for interior wall details. Together, they form a timeless natural palette with clean lines and a contemporary feel.

Local Food

Turkey is blessed with a variety of microclimates that provides an amazing array of produce. This, combined with the freshest of local seafood, allows the kitchen at Amanruya to deliver an ever-changing seasonal menu. Amanruya’s home-baked bread and informal Meze platters make for superb in-suite dining or picnic options.

Historical awareness

There are few places in the world which offer classical history and natural beauty in equal measure. The Aegean region of Turkey where Amanruya is located is one such place. This fabled coastline is where Homer’s heroes were born, where the ancient Greeks consulted their oracles and the Romans built magnificent temples to honour their gods. The region tells a story spanning 5,000 years of Greek and Roman history, and everywhere you go are reminders of this glorious past, vying for attention with spectacular scenery.