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Neeleshwar Hermitage - Kerala
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A hidden tropical destination in northern Kerala, Neeleshwar Hermitage is one of India's rarest jewels.

Neeleshwar breaths tranquility. Away from the main tourist trail, it offers a taste of Kerala at its most stylish. The Hermitage has captured the essence of authentic India - her friendliness, hospitality and graceful rhythms - while offering a nourishing space detached from all the pressures of everyday living.

We provide the ideal environment for complete relaxation: a paradise garden fronted by empty beaches and backed by secluded waterways fringed by coconut palms and lush hillside spice plantations.

Retreat Projects

Garden and Beach Protection

No use of pesticides in the garden and use of plastic is prohibited. Regular beach cleaning project by the whole staff, also strengthening team spirit.


Planting of coconut trees and incorporating guests in the same process through activities

Water Saving

NO mineral water. Water purified with the latest technique of Reverse Osmosis is used, plus implementation of eco toilets.