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Sukoon - Kashmir
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Sukoon is a sufi term for an elevated state of mind that combines peace, wisdom and contentment. This spiritual awareness is an important element in the teachings of the Kashmiri saints and mystics and it is often celebrated in Sufi poetry as the fruit of devotion and meditation.

The houseboat Sukoon brings these qualities to a unique holiday destination. It has been created as a haven where you can relax, revitalise and take stock of your life's journey. It is a place for those who understand that there is more to life than its apparent surface.

Retreat Projects


Cleaning of the surroundings of the houseboat and the lake.

Water Saving

No use of plastic and mineral water is not served. Water purified with the latest technique of Reverse Osmosis is used.

Lake Conservation

Bio tank used and no waste disposed in the lake. Eco friendly washrooms.