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Blancaneaux Lodge - S. Ignacio
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Private Airstrip - Mountain Bike - Walking/Trekking - Horse Riding - Boat Excursion - Swimming Pool - Spa
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18 Rooms | Children: yes

In the early 1980s, Francis Ford Coppola visited Belize, immediately fell in love with the location, and purchased the abandoned Blancaneaux Lodge. Tucked away in a pocket of the Maya Mountains, Blancaneaux Lodge is a 20-room luxury resort. Its remote mountain setting makes it a perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Guests can also explore the ancient civilization of the Maya, which still endures in the sacred sites throughout this magical region.

Retreat Projects

Energy Efficiency

The lodge is self sustaining in energy through the use of a hydroelectric plant. Excess energy generated is used to heat the pool at the Spa. We eliminated the use of air conditioning installing window louvers, screened doors, ceiling fans and high thatched ceiling. The use of natural light is maximized through the design and all light bulbs are energy efficient; hand-cranked flashlights are provided to guests to eliminate batteries.


Blancaneaux Resort supports Dr Marcella Kelly's Jaguar Density Project, which is a long-term effort on the part of Virginia Tech to monitor and evaluate the jaguar, puma and ocelot populations in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve and the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.

Organic Garden

Coppola’s belief is to provide fresh organic quality produce, despite the challenges presented by gardening in the jungle. The head gardener and his staff grow all organic vegetables and fruit at the lodge. Blancaneaux’s elevation and cool evening temperatures make it possible to grow leaf lettuce, radishes, bean, carrots and beets. The gardener and the chef coordinate the daily menu and decide what’s ripe and ready to appear on the menu.