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Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary - Dakhla Oasis
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- Walking/Trekking - Swimming Pool - Spa
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20 Rooms | Children: yes

Offering a breathtaking location in Dakhla Oasis, one of the world’s most pristine destinations and can be considered a “home in the Sahara”. The lodge is a distinctive and discrete twenty-room eco-friendly property. Guided walks into the surroundings oasis and deserts, horseback riding and cultural excursions are among several activities offered by Al Tarfa. The Lodge also offers opulent spa facilities and admires the Saharan architecture, chic furniture and the luxurious, artistic ambience, which pervades throughout.

Retreat Projects

Oasis Economy

Al Tarfa Sanctuary was built by local masons, reintroducing forgotten construction techniques. We revived several traditional industries that tailor made the lodge’s building, furnishing and decorating materials. The lodge supplies are bought from villages to support the local economy. In 2009 Al Tarfa sponsored a medical team to examine and treat 640 patients, and 63 eye operations were completed.

Dakhla Dune Park

In association with the New Valley Province Al Tarfa has completed a survey of a vast dune area in Dakhla Oasis. The project succeeded in declaring 7 square km of the pristine and unique environment of matchless sand formations as a Local Park. Dakhla Dune Park will soon be used as a base for the study on climate change on the arid Egyptian. The complex dune system, salt marshes and prehistoric lakes, will be ideal for such studies.

Oasis Architecture

As a tribute to the precious and magnificent heritage of the Egyptian Oasis, Al Tarfa has successfully completed its initiative project ”Dakhla Oasis Architectural Documentation Project” by recording and highlighting the unique architectural heritage within Dakhla Oasis. 28 original oil paintings, by Egypt’s acknowledged artists, are now displayed at Al Tarfa.