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South Africa
Camp Jabulani - Kapama Reserve
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Private Airstrip - Walking/Trekking - Swimming Pool - Spa
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6 Rooms | Children: yes 12+

Camp Jabulani is located within a Big Five Reserve, where guests can watch lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos and elephants. Camp Jabulani is a perfect translation of the African bush, seamlessly blending classic and elegant interiors, with an open air Spa, lounge, dining area and six exclusive suites, with a unit which will ideally suite the family traveller, smaller groups or those looking for privacy and exclusivity. The culinary experience at the Camp is simply first-class. Elephant back safaris are one of the offerings at Camp Jabulani: with its extraordinary tale of an orphaned baby elephant, this operation was established to sustain the elephants while enabling guests one-on-one interactions with those magical creatures.

Retreat Projects

The Origins

The story began with an orphaned baby abandoned elephant by a head, found stuck in the mud of a silt dam. Slowly nursed back to health, was named Jabulani, meaning “rejoice”. It was then discovered that 12 Zimbabwean elephants faced a grisly fate: their owner’s farm was being expropriated, and the owners had tacked them for their meat. A rescue mission moved the animals in Camp Jabulani, constructed to accommodate them.

Our Elephants

Elephant Safaris are unique to the Camp, and don’t pollute. Where trenches are created by the elephants, dung and branches are placed there to avoid rain damages. Returning dung to soil, not only benefit the dung beetles whereby they improve the soil aeration, but increase the recycling of nutrients and control parasites. Dung beetles are excellent indicators of the health of the biosphere.


Camp Jabulani was constructed around precious trees that take more than a human lifetime to grow to maturity. Much of the wood at the Camp is from dead lead wood logs, found in the area prior to construction and incorporated into the design of the lodge. During the construction no thriving vegetation has been taken down. Deciduous trees such as the Jackalberry protect the living areas and suites from summer’s heat.